Features of Canarias Quest

The following functions are included in the basic version of Canarias Quest. Naturally, it’s possible to add custom features depending on special needs since this is the greatest advantage of our system. During the consultation we discuss these needs with our customers and the preliminary price quote will always contain the conditions of the extra functions.

The basic management surface contains the following

  • Custom language;
  • Easy to handle, no need for programming knowledge;
  • No need for special softwares either, only one of the most used web browsers is necessary;
  • Updates will appear instantly, without transit time;
  • It can be used 24 hours a day;
  • Accessible from anywhere on the globe;
  • Password protected and safe;
  • Generates browser-independent pages so the website will work in all browsers;
  • Well structured, perspicuous;
  • Easy searching options.

WYSIWYG editor

WYSIWYG means ‘What you see is what you get’. Creating a new article or editing an older one on a site is similar to using corporate text editor softwares and it’s easy to use. By default, the results will perfectly fit the design and characteristics of the webpage, however, users can modify that if necessary but it’s not recommended. The surface has similar icons as we see in Microsoft Word and regular key shortcuts are available as well.

Most used text format options

  • Font (style, size, type, color and hyperlinks);
  • Paragraph (fitting & equalization, lists);
  • Spreadsheets (creation, modification, deletion, customization, etc.);
  • Picture insertion, sizing, fitting or deleting.

Search optimization

With this extra function owners can set up not only the text visible to visitors but important data for search engines – like title tags or hidden information in the code (meta tags, comments, alt texts).

Main features

  • Indexing content for international search engines (Google, Bing);
  • Titles, keywords and short description for each page;
  • Search-friendly titles, links and texts;
  • Google Sitemap® to organize important data for Google’s database;
  • Automatic calculations for keyword density.


  • Authentication for each user;
  • Password-protected administrative surface;
  • SSL encryption if requested;
  • Recoverable archives up to three prior versions;
  • Activity log with custom intervals (to supervise users about when and which site was edited, and by who);
  • Daily backup on a remote server;
  • If requested, real-time backup with duplicated database;
  • …and many more beneficial features, useful functions!