Jim Barna Log Homes

An American company's request to re-design its corporate site using Quest system and to create an international website.

Saxoo London

Saxoo London: Quest-based online stores for the clothing brand's shop network in Hungary, Austria and the Czeh Republic. This includes an advanced module to handle collections and sets of clothes.

Octaform - Waterlogic

A product presentation Quest site for Waterlogic-branded machines.

Perfect Homes

A real-estate agency with highly exclusive properties also decided on using Quest to organize its offers and to maintain a friendly and easy to use site for all visitors. Menrich designed a new corporate identity fulfilling present day's expectations, too, including office deco.

IIS Group

The company wanted to use Quest engine for the corporate site and its webstores as well. It became an ideal example of a unified system where all sites can be handled at once, comfortably.

Arion Petfood

Quest-based webshop for Hungarian and Slovenian customers.


Skanska, Népliget Center: specified Quest-based content management system in the standpoint of advertising the office building. The commission included an extensive search engine optimization. 


A unique intranet solution for Hungarian OBI HQ. In addition to internal network and information it was capable of handling kiosks in department stores, including complaint handling and guarantee services.

Alitalia Magic

By joining to airline alliance SkyTeam in 2001, Alitalia had to prepare for various administrative tasks in the company's new role. What they were missing was a co-operative database manager software. In 2001 Sandro Cervellione and Giovanna Marceca commissioned Menrich to deliver a solution. Soon after Alitalia Magic was created and it was capable of handling not only common data but it was an ideal way to store relevant contracts and to create statistical analysis. 


A specialized Quest site for the American-Hungarian association.


A real-estate agency in Tenerife wished for a dual-language site to advertise local properties. The product package contained an individual Spanish Quest site-manager. At the moment the page is operating with English and Spanish languages.

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