General overview


Canarias Quest is a brand name for our content-management systems. They are equipped with high functionality and flexibility for custom requests and offers complex solutions for the most common tasks on any webpage that you wish to maintain online. Canarias Quest’s software series offer the latest technology available and used for various business pages worldwide.
Ideal and economical for enterprises or smaller companies as well: its multilingual interface provides easy variant creation. No need to rebuild a deliberate site, in most cases a variant can be made without any serious modification. Customization won’t be an issue anymore.
Canarias Quest provides a safe, password-protected site where anyone with general computing skills can manage the website on demand. You and your colleauges will be able to manage (modify, extend or delete) certain contents of the site anytime, anywhere with ease. Any website’s management costs less when the business can use its own resources.

The story of Quest System

2002 was the debut year for the first version of Quest. Nowadays it’s used in more than ten countries and new sites are born every month. Please let us introduce some of our works.
The best fact about Menrich Quest products is that our programmer-developer team solves the most unusual or special needs relatively quickly, so you will get exactly what you want.


What versions can we offer at the moment?
Since there are lots of oppurtunities which need fine tuning considering the actual needs we suggest the importance of a personal consultation to set up the goals as accurately as possible.
If you are interested, please feel free to call our consultants on …. and we will be ready at your service.

Developer and distributor of Central-Europe is Menrich International